freeswitch命令详解|freeswitch -nc|freeswitch -nonat -nc|freeswitch -stop|freeswitch -ncwait - 右手博客 freeswitch命令详解|freeswitch -nc|freeswitch -nonat -nc|freeswitch -stop|freeswitch -ncwait - 右手博客

freeswitch命令详解|freeswitch -nc|freeswitch -nonat -nc|freeswitch -stop|freeswitch -ncwait

       -waste                 -- allow memory waste<font></font>
       -no-auto-stack         -- don't adjust thread stack size<font></font>
       -core                  -- dump cores<font></font>
       -help                  -- print this message<font></font>
       -version               -- print the version and exit<font></font>
       -rp                    -- enable high(realtime) priority settings<font></font>
       -lp                    -- enable low priority settings<font></font>
       -np                    -- enable normal priority settings (system default)<font></font>
       -vg                    -- run under valgrind<font></font>
       -nosql                 -- disable internal SQL scoreboard<font></font>
       -heavy-timer           -- Heavy Timer, possibly more accurate but at a cost<font></font>
       -nonat                 -- disable auto NAT detection and UPNP router configuration when FreeSWITCH starts<font></font>
       -nonatmap              -- disable auto NAT port mapping<font></font>
       -nocal                 -- disable clock calibration<font></font>
       -nort                  -- disable clock clock_realtime<font></font>
       -stop                  -- stop freeswitch<font></font>
       -nc                    -- no console and run in background<font></font>
       -ncwait                -- no console and run in background, but wait until the system is ready before exiting (implies -nc)<font></font>
       -c                     -- output to a console and stay in the foreground (default behavior)<font></font>
       UNIX-like only<font></font>
       -nf                    -- no forking<font></font>
       -u [user]              -- specify user to switch to<font></font>
       -g [group]             -- specify group to switch to<font></font>
       -ncwait                -- do not output to a console and background but wait until the system is ready before exiting (implies -nc)<font></font>
       -service [name]        -- start freeswitch as a service, cannot be used if loaded as a console app<font></font>
       -install [name]        -- install freeswitch as a service, with optional service name<font></font>
       -uninstall             -- remove freeswitch as a service<font></font>
       -monotonic-clock       -- use monotonic clock as timer source<font></font>
       Options to control locations of files:<font></font>
       -base [basedir]         -- alternate prefix directory<font></font>
       -conf [confdir]         -- alternate directory for FreeSWITCH configuration files<font></font>
       -log [logdir]           -- alternate directory for logfiles<font></font>
       -run [rundir]           -- alternate directory for runtime files<font></font>
       -db [dbdir]             -- alternate directory for the internal database<font></font>
       -mod [moddir]           -- alternate directory for modules<font></font>
       -htdocs [htdocsdir]     -- alternate directory for htdocs<font></font>
       -scripts [scriptsdir]   -- alternate directory for scripts<font></font>
       -temp [directory]       -- alternate directory for temporary files<font></font>
       -grammar [directory]    -- alternate directory for grammar files<font></font>
       -recordings [directory] -- alternate directory for recordings<font></font>
       -storage [directory]    -- alternate directory for voicemail storage<font></font>

       -sounds [directory]     -- alternate directory for sound file


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